Let’s Talk Solar

Why Solar?

Solar is more affordable than ever!

As solar panel technology advances, systems are more efficient, more affordable, and more durable than their predecessors. Your solar energy system could be the same cost as your current electricity bill – OR EVEN LESS – while you gain a permanent power source.

Reduce your environmental impact!

Switching to solar has a tremendously positive impact on the environment. American households on average use around 1100 kWh per month to power their homes. When you choose Earth Right Mid-Atlantic, you reduce your energy consumption through our energy efficiency systems, and you’ll reduce your household’s CO2 emissions by as much as 15,000 pounds per year.

Take control of your power bill!

When you went from renting to owning your own home, you started investing in yourself and your future. The same is true of going solar. You can keep paying the power company, or you can invest in a solar energy system that is yours to keep and continue generating your own electricity for free once the system is paid off. That’s smart money management.

What can solar do for you?

Solar Progress

Advancement in technology has made solar energy systems more affordable and accessible. That along with government tax credit programs make for a opportune time to get into solar. In the past, getting a complete return on investment might have taken 20+ years but now some home owners are achieving it within seven! We all have a power bill. Why not take the payments that you make towards the power company and put those payments towards owning your own power in a solar energy system? Compared to housing, it is similar to making rent payments versus payments on a mortgage.

Federal Incentives are Available

When you go solar in 2021, you earn more even more! You’ll earn up to 26% back on your investment – tax credits that you can put back into your pocket or put towards financing – in addition to reducing or eliminating your power bill in the long run. We can also review the many more local and federal programs that you could benefit from when you switch to solar.

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