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Home Energy Improvements
& Solar Installations

Having the two sides of the company allow us to work on projects ranging from small energy efficiency upgrades to full home solar systems.

Modern single story house with a fenced in yard has solar panels installed on a metal roof

Home Energy Improvements
& Solar Installations

Our solar division and energy efficiency division allow us to work on projects ranging from small energy efficiency upgrades to full home solar systems.

Explore Solar

  • Customized Solar packages
  • Roof and Ground Mounts
  • Power Bill Relief
  • New Roof Options
  • Power Back-Up Options

Explore Efficiency

  • Reduce Energy Waste
  • Increased Home Comfort
  • Extend Roof and HVAC Lifetime
  • Creating a Healthier Environment in the Home
  • Reduced Power Bills
Home Solar Roof Mount Installation in Lynchburg VA

Brand New - First of Its Kind

Educational Showroom!

Prioritizing Education

In 2022, Earth Right Mid-Atlantic was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to partner with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation to give back to the Lynchburg community and create America’s first hands-on sustainable energy learning experience for all ages.

A Process Designed for You


No home is the same, and by performing a simple free home assessment we can show how you can benefit from solar and energy efficiency upgrades. Big decisions should always start with transparent conversations, and we want to equip you with all of the information you need to decide if solar is right for you.


After visiting with you, we take the information gathered from your free on-site home assessment and build you the most efficient system that our professional energy consultants recommend. Once we have put together your custom built energy-savings plan, we walk you through all of our recommendations.


There has never been a better time to go solar, so we want to provide you with a more efficient home, a lower power bill and a positive environmental impact. Bonus - you will become a part of our Earth Right Mid-Atlantic homeowner family!

Begin Saving with a No-Cost Home Inspection

See what homeowners are saying!

Brittany Sorrels

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic has been amazing to work with! Our rep - Shane - was a delight. He was so down-to-earth, personable, and knowledgeable. He took his time to answer our questions and make sure we got the best solution for our needs. We were able to reduce our overall power needs, better insulate our home (a big problem we had with our new-to-us but older home, which is reducing our gas bill too), and we are so excited to generate our own power without relying on fossil fuels. When we came across a problem with our roof, the owner - Corey - was able to work with us to solve the problem swiftly. They took the stress out of switching by handling everything from start-to-finish, and they really cared about our experience, making sure to check in every step of the way. We’ve been wanting to switch to solar for years, and Earth Right Mid-Atlantic put that goal within reach. We are so grateful. If you want solar, go with these folks!

Roland S.

Earth-Right Mid-Atlantic ha s done two installations. The first was to install a Solar System on our home in July 2019 and the second was to insulator attics with Earth-Shield. The Solar Panel has reduced my monthly bill to $8.33 per month for the last year. The bill is for the Chesapeake Utility Tax. The system works flawlessly. The Earth-Shield was suggested by Earth Right Mid-Atlantic's salesman Corey Argentino. I has explained that we were experiencing imbalances in heating and cooling zones in the house. He suggested a product Called Earth-Shield and the too hot and too cold zones all disappeared. The house now has better and a more uniform heating and cooling result. The Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems do not run as frequently. Great Job.  

Suzanne M.

Our experience with Earth Right has been impressive from the start. Joe came to our home twice to examine the feasibility of going solar, since we live in a wooded area. The creative approach of combining our garage and house rooves in order to have enough space for the panels was far and above the other companies saying YES or NO from the satellite photos alone. Today Jeremy and Jonathan installed the foil and fan in our attic. They could not have been more professional or considerate in their approach. Installation scheduled for fall. We are sure we chose the right company... Earth-Right!

David L.

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic was one of several companies we consulted for the installation of solar panels and attic fans for our new home in Williamsburg. The presentation, by Corey Argentino, was informative and provided a clear idea of the costs for various systems and what we might expect over time. We installed the reflective foil in the attic along with the solar powered fan over the summer and had solar panels installed in the Fall. The entire process was done in a very professional manner and the final results appear to be positive (we havenâ t had a full yearâ s experience yet to know comparable results). Once the solar panels were completed, and I downloaded the application to monitor them, I really like looking at the app and seeing how much power we are generating. Once we have a full year of experience, we may expand the solar panel configuration but only time will tell as we move forward. Earth Right Mid-Atlantic powered by Convert Solar makes a great team to help reduce our carbon footprint!

Dianne S.

I was very impressed with the complete solar package that I purchased. Shane Durie and Cory Argentino's sales presentation was very convincing that I would be saving lots of money on my electric bill. I also had the attic wrapped and my water heater with tech-shield by Earl . All of the light fixtures were replaced with LED bulbs. I was really pleased this month when I opened my electric bill and it was $8.93 and I have a 3000 sq. ft. home. I can't say enough good things about this company. So don't hesitate to call and get on board with such savings by calling Earth Right Mid-Atlantic.

Adam B.

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic did an excellent job with my solar project. They were very responsive and it has been refreshing to deal with an honest and informative company that genuinely seemed to have the client's best interest in mind. I had an unexpected issue with the system several months after install. They jumped on the problem and had my system back up and running in 48 hours.

Brad B.

The folks at Earth Right are knowledgeable and all very friendly. I am very pleased with the solar panels they installed and they are definitely saving me money. I was very pleasantly surprised that the panels generate electricity even from indirect sunlight. My panels are on the southwest side of my house, but once the sun comes up in the morning in the east they immediately start generating power. The insulation Earth Right installed is also giving us consistent temperatures throughout our house which I am very pleased with.

Our Mission

Solar Attic Fan Installation Lynchburg VA

Committed to Giving Back

We believe in investing in our communities, which is why we partner with different local businesses, organizations, and groups whenever we have the opportunity.

In 2021, we partnered with the Forest Youth Athletic Association (FYAA) to install solar on their facility and assist in their mission of providing a place for our youth to have an athletic outlet.

Partners we have worked with

Residential and Commercial Solar Power Company

Earth Right Mid-Atlantic is your go-to residential solar power company based out of Lynchburg, VA and serving the entire state. We are knowledgeable solar panel installers with a focus on improving home energy efficiency and providing simple solar solutions at an affordable price. By taking advantage of our affordable home solar panel systems, anyone can reap the benefits of smarter, cleaner energy.

Solar Power and Energy Efficiency

You can make your home more energy efficient with a solar attic fan and reflective insulation, which will allow you to save money and lower your power bill. Additionally, if you install customized solar packages, roof replacement packages, power backup options, and more, then your home will become much more efficient. As a result, you will enjoy increased comfort and a healthier interior environment, as well as reduced power bills and less energy waste. As long as the sun continues to shine, you will have access to solar energy. The more electricity that you generate, the less you will be using from your utility supplier.

Get Started with an Assessment

Are you ready to find out if solar power or energy efficiency is the best option for you? We offer free home energy assessments to evaluate your home’s solar potential, inquire about your solar goals, and assess your current energy bill to determine the amount you could be saving each month. Give us a call to get started today at (434) 200-9716. When you call, be sure to ask how the new 30% tax credit can work for you!

The Process Begins with an Assessment

Let’s see if solar or energy efficiency could be a good option for you. With a no-cost assessment, we can talk about your goals, check your roof, and assess your current energy bill to see what you could save.

See If solar is a good option for you
By clicking below, I authorize Earth Right Mid-Atlantic to call me and text me about our products and services at the telephone number I entered above, as well as reach out to me via email to the email provided above. Message and data rates may apply. You can opt out anytime, and your contact information is never given to any third party. You also agree to our Terms of Service.
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