Earth Right Mid-Atlantic

Who Are We?

Here at Earth Right Mid-Atlantic, our team is focused chiefly on giving you the best experience possible. Undeniably, that starts with honesty, education, and realistic expectations. We are based out of Lynchburg, VA, and service folks all over Virginia, from the coast to the hills. Our mission is to make energy efficiency improvements and solar solutions simple and affordable through honest and transparent conversations, thereby ensuring that you and others can reap the benefits of smarter cleaner energy.

Our Promise

At Earth Right Mid-Atlantic we believe that honest work reaps honest rewards. Accordingly, education and transparent information are integral to our process. The solar industry is growing fast as people recognize the value of solar. Unfortunately, this has attracted some companies looking to make a quick buck. They use misinformation or lack of information to sell systems that are neither accurately sized nor reasonably priced. Obviously, that method is not sustainable and frankly not right. Alternatively, we believe in working with you to customize packages to exactly what you need; not more, not less. Above all, we want you to be informed, do your research, and find what is right for you and your home. Instead of just buying an energy efficiency or solar package for your home, we want you to join a growing community that is saving the planet and saving money by cutting energy waste.


We firmly believe in giving back to and investing in our local communities, whether through donations, sponsorships, or volunteering. We are proud to have had the opportunity both to participate in various events and be in direct partnership with the following organizations and companies.

Solar Attic Fan Installation Lynchburg VA

Committed to Giving Back

We partnered with the Forest Youth Athletic Association (FYAA) to put solar on their facility, thereby assist in their mission of having a place for our youth to have an athletic outlet.

Our Team In Action

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