Ivy Creek Park

Lynchburg Parks & Rec Partnership

We were given the opportunity in 2022 to start a project that we were so happy and thankful to be a part of. When Lynchburg Parks and Recreation asked if we would like to partner with them, we could not have been happier to have a new and unique opportunity to give back to the community! Working with an amazing team of people, a hands-on learning experience was created that will educate Ivy Creek Park patrons about the benefits of solar energy and why it is such an important way that we can help our planet.

Earth-Right Mid Atlantic team standing in front of Ivy Creek park cabin with solar on the roof

The Power Of Education

When you visit Ivy Creek Park, you’ll see that the park concessions and rental cabin is now fully powered by solar! You will be able to view the results of a solar panel installation from the outside, and also be able to head inside the cabin where a solar and nature expert from the park will walk them through the process of solar energy. You’ll even be able to see solar in action through a live feed of the solar electricity levels powering the cabin and interact with the display.

Hands On Learning

We are passionate about educating learners of all ages about the benefits of solar energy and how we can help our planet, and we are also committed to giving back to our local communities and providing homeowners with an honest and transparent experience.
Ivy Creek Park Earth Right Mid Atlantic Solar Education Center
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